Useful Vocabulary

The words / phrases below can be used when you’re producing scientific / mathematical documents…

Agreement / Addition / Similarity
by the same token, not to mention, in the same fashion, in the same way, likewise, moreover, also, in addition, additionally, coupled with, furthermore, comparatively, correspondingly, similarly, identically, equally, equally important, uniquely, in light of, encompassing, including, overall, supplementing, accordingly, admittedly, apart from, aside from, but even so
Opposition / Limitation / Contradiction
although this may be true, in contrast, different from, on the other hand, on the contrary, in spite of, even so, above all, in reality, after all, while, albeit, besides, as much as, even though, instead, whereas, despite, conversely, otherwise, however, rather, nevertheless, nonetheless, regardless, however, in any case, while it may be true, contrarily, rather, perhaps
Cause / Condition / Purpose
in the event that, granted that, on the condition that, for the purpose of, with this intention, with this in mind, in the hope that, if, then, unless, in case, provided that, given that, owing to, due to, as a result, as long as, even if, given that, granting that, providing that, for this reason, perhaps
Time / Chronology / Sequence
at the present time, from time to time, sooner or later, to begin with, in due time, in the meantime, in a moment, without delay, suddenly, shortly, eventually, meanwhile, further, during, prior to, until now, now that, instantly, presently, occasionally, distant future, distant past, initially, lastly, subsequently, briefly, eventually, finally, immediately, previously, following, earlier, originally, simultaneously, usually, just yet
Space / Location / Place
in the distance, in the foreground, in the background, in the centre of, adjacent to, opposite to, further, beyond, nearby, between, among, beneath, beside, extending
Examples / Support / Emphasis
in other words, to put it differently, as an illustration, in this case, for this reason, that is to say, with attention to, by all means, important to realise, another key point, most compelling evidence, point often overlooked, to point out, on the positive side, on the negative side, with this in mind, notably, including, namely, chiefly, truly, indeed, certainly, surely, markedly, such as, especially, explicitly, specifically, surprisingly, frequently, significantly, particularly, in fact, in general, in particular, in detail, for example, for instance, to demonstrate, to emphasise, to repeat, to clarify, to explain, to enumerate, as previously stated, as stated earlier, in view of, owing to, seeing that, above all, by way of example, as a matter of fact
Effect / Consequence / Result
as a result, under those circumstances, in that case, for this reason, in effect, thus, because the, hence, consequently, therefore, thereupon, accordingly

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