Magick 6 – 6 Fundamental Trigonometric Identities & Their Proofs

Hi there! It’s Tiago here and I’d like to show you this smashing product!

Magick 6 – 6 *Fundamental* Trigonometric Identities & Their Proofs – sin(A±B), cos(A±B) and tan(A±B)

Magick 6 - 6 Fundamental Trigonometric Identities & Their Proofs

That’s what I call SOH CAH TOA!

Learn how to derive sin(A+B), sin(A-B), cos(A+B), cos(A-B), tan(A+B) and tan(A-B) from absolute scratch! In this fantastic new document, I show you how to derive sin(A+B), sin(A-B), cos(A+B) and cos(A-B) geometrically, then using these derivations – I then teach you how to come up with tan(A+B) and tan(A-B). With this amazing new product, you’ll be mastering trigonometry in no time!

Download Magick 6 today and derive the 6 most fundamental trigonometric identities with ease and simplicity! Mesmerise your friends, your professors and even yourself! For only $2.99 it’s yours to keep!

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What does the document include?
  • Geometrical sin(A+B), sin(A-B), cos(A+B) and cos(A-B) proofs plus tan(A+B) and tan(A-B) derivations  which then arise. PDF FORMAT
  • sin(A+B), sin(A-B), cos(A+B) and cos(A-B) proofs. DRAWINGS, RULER & COMPASSES
  • tan(A+B) and tan(A-B) handwritten proofs.
  • Social links which you can use to get support from me if you require any help or assistance.
  • SOH CAH TOA reminder text file.
  • 15 free artistic / mathematical  images created by me which you can use for profile pictures on sites like Facebook.
Minimum Requirements to Understand Proofs (Please Read!):
  • Strong algebraic skills.
  • Familiarity with SOH CAH TOA.
  • Basic knowledge about angles (i.e angles of a two dimensional triangle adding up to 180 degrees and also opposite angles being equivalent to one another).
  • Desire to learn and comprehend mathematical proofs.
  • Independent thinking and reasoning.
What this document will not teach you (Please read!):
      • Algebraic manipulation. You will have to access this site ( for extra maths tips – especially if it’s basic.
    • How to understand angles, or what right angles are.
Why should I be trusted? Why should you have faith in my product?

Well, my Youtube channel now has 3,160 organic subscribers and counting. My Instagram mathematics proofs page has 16,890 organic followers – and I am the founder of I’ve been working on my mathematics proofs project since the start of 2014. It gives me great pleasure to see people succeed in mathematics – and especially when they learn proofs along the way. Here’s what some of my Youtube subscribers have said regarding my trigonometric proofs:

"Excellent video! Your explanation is superb." - @TheCherry1994
"So simply done. Great explanation. Thanks." - @Manoj Dhakal
"No question here, as the proof is crystal clear. I just wanted to say thankyou for sharing!" - @Ro C
"Great video, easy to understand. Thank you." - @Omar Alawsage
"Many thanks for this great work. Pretty clear work." - @Pete Mauser
So, what are you waiting for? Got the skill? Got the time? Got the patience? You have absolutely nothing to lose! Get Magick 6 right away and start deriving the most popular trigonometric identities from absolute scratch!

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Just $2.99!! The price of a cup of coffee. Paypal accepted. 30 day, money back guarantee!

Questions? Just leave your comments below or contact me. Want to find out more about my project and what makes me tick? Just visit my FAQ page.

Want to know why I created this document? Feel free to read this PDF file.

Also: Some of the proceeds from sales will be re-invested back into this mathematics project. I definitely need more books, as they help me produce more proofs. If you want to donate to this project as well, you are certainly welcome to!

30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you aren’t satisfied with my product, you can have your money back, as long as you make a claim within a 30 day period. It is my intention to give you something that you can regard as value for money. I also love helping people out with mathematics. If you aren’t happy, just let me know.

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