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Watch maths videos related to proofs and awesome algebraic transformations… Learn how to derive popular formulas and equations using the power of reason, logic and imagination… Welcome to MathsVideos.net, ‘the’ place for GCSE and A Level mathematics derivations and proofs!

Tiago deriving a trigonometric identity...

MathsVideos.net is a site which contains videos and proofs related to the most popular equations and formulas used in GCSE and A Level mathematics. It was purposely set up to teach students how to derive these equations and formulas from absolute scratch, or in other words – first principles.

This site was launched on the 10th May 2014 by Tiago Hands, a part time maths student based in the UK. His YouTube channel can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/mathsvideosforweb. Tiago founded this project because he wanted to reveal what wasn’t taught to him at school or college; how to derive the equations and formulas that he was plugging numbers into.

If you are eager to discover the beauty hidden with equations / formulas plus you really want to improve your core mathematical skills, then this site is definitely for you. Also, if you are taking exams – hopefully it will help you get stellar grades!

If you’d like to get in touch with Tiago, please visit this contact page.

What followers have been saying online:

Great video, thank you! - Solange Ortega
I have a math test this friday and you really helped me. Thanks - Summa Srivorapong
Thank you very much for posting, this is the simplest and therefore most elegant proof of this identity I have ever seen demonstrated. - James Holbert
I like your approach. Everything clear and understandable. - Martin Kruczkowski
An elegant proof. - Andrew Nicoll
This is a much simpler explanation than the one in my text book. Thanks a lot for the great video. - Anshuman Kumar
Thankyou for all of your wonderful VIDEOS!! I've been watching them on YOUTUBE!! Your proofs are so efficient!! I look forward to watching more... You provide a great service and a great resource for all of us... THANK YOU!! - Philip T. Y.
You give wonderful explanations of complex maths and for the first time in my life I feel I can grasp what I could not comprehend before, thank you!! – Mr. Butler

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