Mathematical Art Work, including Isometric Drawings (Visualising Maths)

Over the past couple of months I’ve been drawing mathematical figures and logos. Quite recently I discovered that art can help me understand complex mathematics a little better, especially three dimensional problems. It turns out that infinitely many complex sketches can emerge out of isometric fields which can be created using pencils, rulers and compasses. Isometric fields are used by engineers and architects who model three dimensional structures. Isometric fields allow you to represent cubes and various different 3 dimensional shapes on 2 dimensional surfaces in quite spectacular fashion. Here are some pieces of work I produced using such fields…


Love they neighbour

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If you’d like to see more work that I’ve been able to produce, please visit my mathematics Pinterest page. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed drawing optical illusions and logos using isometric paper, and I could indeed start designing isometric logos and pieces of text to make some extra money whilst studying mathematics. It’s not that often you bump into sound business ideas, especially business ideas related to both mathematics and art.

If you are a mathematics student but have never used isometric paper before, I’d recommend downloading isometric paper via the links below and producing mathematical sketches. Isometric paper could potentially be very useful to those interested in learning more about vector geometry and extra dimensions.

Download Isometric Paper:

Link 1 –

Link 2 –

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