Video Updates: 01.07.2015

This week’s updates are as follows:

You can learn how to draw a tesseract using the video below. This depiction of a tesseract can be found in the book ‘The Visual Guide To Extra Dimensions (Volume 1) – Visualizing the Fourth Dimension, Higher Dimensional Polytopes and Curved Hypersurfaces’ written by Chris McMullen Ph.D, a particle physicist based in the United States.

This next video contains a few perspective drawings and an animation of a sphere passing through a sheet of paper. It was made to demonstrate that perhaps the universe we inhabit is a construct of some kind.

You can explore non-euclidean space, or more specifically – a 3 dimensional sphere with lines passing through it both vertically and horizontally…

For those interested in seeing basic shapes rotate, you can watch a line, square and cube rotate about 360 degrees and additionally; a point, circle and sphere spin around an axis below…

Now, most of these videos were made in order to help me visualise a few concepts brought to light in Chris McMullen’s book. I hope you do get to enjoy watching these new clips. Feedback is appreciated as always. 🙂