Cosine Rule Mastery – PDF Download

You can now find out how to derive the 3 main cosine rule formulas through a new document that I’ve created called “Cosine Rule Mastery“.

This document can be downloaded free of charge along with “Sine Rule Mastery” which is another document that explains in detail how to come up with the sine rule formula.

If you’re interested in downloading one or both of these documents, please visit this link:

I’d also like to talk about a new video I’ve created (posted below). It’s related to a 4 dimensional hypercube and learning how to train your mind to see things from different mathematical perspectives.

Prior to posting up the video above, I did create another similar video. In the video below, you will see me split a prism into 3 equal parts. This video will interest those who’d like to find the volume of a square based pyramid.

Maths Videos For Web News…

This month I managed to upload more proofs to my Google “A Level Maths Proofs” page which can be accessed through this link []

I also made a few new maths videos unrelated to proofs for those interested in mathematical art and funky ideas. I must admit, the quality of my videos (in terms of their resolution) weren’t that great, but hopefully you’ll like them.

My latest clip is called “Percentage Count (0% – 100%)“, designed for those who are struggling to understand what percentages really are. This video illustrates that one percent of something is really one part out of a hundred  equal parts of an object. You require one hundred hundredths to produce 100% which is quite simply 1.00.